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Rick Smolan’s Trek with TRACKS, from Australian Outback to Silver Screen

In 1977 photographer Rick Smolan was traveling in Australia on assignment forTime magazine when he encountered an angry woman in the small town of Alice Springs. Little did he know that 37 years later their story would be dramatized by movie stars.

“I was sent to do a story on Aborigines,” Smolan says. “I walked out of my hotel, and I looked up and saw Robyn washing the windows. I took some pictures and she got really pissed off and started yelling at me: ‘Put your f—–g cameras down!’ I went to explain what I was doing, and she said, ‘Oh, you’re American…What are you, some kind of journalistic parasite here photographing the Aborigines?’”

The woman was Robyn Davidson—the so-called “camel-lady” who undertook a 1,700-mile trek from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean on foot with four camels and a dog as her companions. “TRACKS”—the movie version of her epic journey and evolving relationship with Smolan—opens today in theaters.

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Beesly, are you… threatening me?

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I’m attracted to intelligence. Not the book smart type of intelligence. I could care less whether you’ve gone to college or how much money you make because of it. I like intelligent conversations that make me think even hours after it’s ended. I soak up words from radical minds.

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Naked vs. Nude

Today we has that age old discussion if naked vs. nude in art. Rubens seems naked titian seems nude yayayayaya da we can go on and on about French realism and what not but I kept thinking of those women, the whores that displayed themselves. Those women were crazy sexy. Like damn look at that body, and they were curvy. And I don’t think I have ever though those bodies were good looking until I got older and appreciated my own body. I see this sticks walking around campus with their baby legs and I always think, “I look so clunky and large and they look so small and cute and graceful” but that’s not true for me, I am those things. I am what I want to be. Not because I’m beautiful but because I choose to see myself as beautiful. I donno people. This comparison thing is getting old and the world is changing and curvy is sexy again.

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